Recycling made easy

Goodbye confusion, hello simplicity.

Read how Lasso takes the hassle out of recycling.

Pure and Simple

The Lasso system makes recycling clear and simple. We take the guesswork out of what can and can’t be recycled to save you hassle.

In order to keep your recycling streams pure, Lasso’s sensor technology detects and analyses your packaging and containers as you load them into your appliance. The appliance then washes, granulates and separately stores the resultant products.  

Your used-materials are now pure processed products ready for collection, and ultimately sale to manufacturers.

No Time to Waste

Instead of putting out your recycling every week, your Lasso will only have to be emptied a few times a year.

Recycled materials are washed and stored safely and hygienically in the container at the base of the Lasso unit until pick-up time.

Between 3 and 8 times per year when your storage container is full the Lasso team will collect it at a time that suits you.

On-demand Pick-up that Works for You

Lasso’s on-demand recycling collection system means you’ll never miss bin night again.

The Lasso smart phone application will alert you when your storage container is approaching its capacity.

When it’s time for collection, simply use the app to schedule a pick-up when it’s convenient for you.

See our homepage to learn how Lasso works!

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