The future of recycling
is here

The world has
reached a
crisis point

Less than 50% of household
recycling is actually recycled
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It's time to
take things
into our
own hands

We've upgraded recycling
for the 2020s and beyond.
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The future
of recycling
is simple

Insert an item

And let Lasso do its thing

• Size of a small fridge: 52x24x36 (90x60x130cm)
• Sound of a washing machine spin-cycle
• Plumbed & water saving versus a dishwasher
Insert item through the hatch at the front
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To ensure your item is recyclable

Lasso separately processes common, and the most valuable recyclable materials:
Plastics – PET & HDPE
Glass – Green, Brown & Clear
Metals – Aluminium & Steel
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To remove contamination

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For compact storage

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Now sit back &
track your impact

We collect Lasso's pure processed products at a time that suits you.
Just book a collection via the app.

Track your reduced CO2 footprint, and get a credit to your account for the value of Lasso's processed products.

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