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Created by a worldwide family that our recycling to be recycled.

Meet Aldous, the family member that started it all

Lasso provides the power of 100% recycling from the corner of your kitchen.

Paving the way for a sustainable future, driven by a circular economy.
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Linear Economy
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Recycling Economy
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Circular Economy

A people-powered total recycling solution.

Waste management companies are stuck in the middle of a tug of war between government policymakers and waste-producing industries. This government-mandated, compulsory, restrictive model shifts the focus away from the environment and the consumer.

That’s why at Lasso, we’ve made it our mission to do things differently.

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Full transparency - involving consumers in the system

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Putting pressure on waste-producing industries instead of bending to them

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Closing the loop while bringing money and resources back to you and your community

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Protecting our oceans through environmental stewardship

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Safeguarding our planet for future generations

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Educating for permanent change and real solutions

The recycling industry is incorrectly named. It is a very expensive “collection” for recycling industry which does very little recycling. At Lasso we will empower every household on the planet to close loop recycle, the only financially and environmentally viable form of recycling, and be paid for their recycling effort.

Aldous Hicks

Founder & CEO

Created by a global family dedicated to improving the circular economy.

Aldous Hicks

Co-Founder, CEO and Board Member

Alison Richardson


Denis Ryabtsun


Philip Sanders


Dr. Yannick Verbelen

Electronics & Sensors

Robin Verbruggen

Electronics & Sensors


Software & IT

Rod Dix

Engineering & Technical

Henry De Rooy

Engineering & Technical

Neil Scott


James Bell

Non-executive director and Chairperson

Murray Chancellor

Non-executive director

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We are a diverse family of problem-solvers spread across multiple continents working to build a better, more sustainable future, together.

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