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Lasso Loop is disrupting the very broken recycling industry by delivering the circular economy.

Following a successful equity crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube in May 2019, alongside a wider Pre-Seed Round in early 2020 and Right's Issue in July 2021, our technical team has delivered a working proof-of-concept prototype available for evaluation in San Mateo, CA.

Our rapidly growing community of Loopers began pre-ordering their appliances in early 2022. Upon completing final testing, we will begin raising funds for Lasso Loop’s 100 unit pilot trial and complete plans for the appliance manufacturing assembly line.

We are currently raising our Seed round. Please reach out to Dillon Nicholson ( if you are interested in seeing our deck.

Let’s change recycling for good!
Title, "Roadmap". 2009, Applied for 8 Patents (7 approved). 2018, Q4 Pre-Prototype Design. 2019, Q2 Successful Crowdfunding Round. 2021, Q4 Proof-of-Concept Prototype Complete. 2022, Q1 Pre-Order Launch, Test Month. Q2 Seed Funding for Pilor Phase. 2023, Pre-Orders Open to Public. Q4 Engineering Prototype Complete. 2024, Q3 Pilot Rollout of 100 Appliances. 2025, Q1 Retail Rollout

To schedule an appointment to view the Lasso prototype & to view the deck, please reach out to Dillon at

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