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Aldous Hicks
Co-Founder, C.E.O and Board Member

Aldous has over 30 years business experience as a technology and software developer, project manager and mechanical engineer, including developing water and material recycling technology.  

He developed SOHO custom PC database software and prior to that worked with Mannesmann Demag AG a multi-national German mechanical heavy engineering company.

Alison Richardson

Alison holds a Masters of Health Sciences and is passionate about the world of recycling. A former teacher, journalist and sexual health counsellor she now dedicates her skills and energies to the Lasso concept and the circular economy, travelling between Australia and the UK to ensure Lasso is at the forefront of industry developments, promoting awareness and raising funds.

Philip Sanders
Engineering & Technical

Phil has almost 20 years experience in the field of Product Design and Development working as a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager.

He worked for Hella Manufacturing as a Design Engineer then a Lead Designer developing automotive lighting solutions primarily for Jaguar and Landrover - before emigrating to Australia in 2007 and spent ten years working for Electrolux in country NSW as a senior R&D Project Manager.

Yannick Verbelen
Electronics & Sensors

Yannick is an electrical engineer, inventor, and scientist with over 10 years of experience in electronics and circuit design. He has expertise in low power electronics and embedded systems, and invented complementary balanced energy harvesting for which he was awarded a PhD with the highest honours by Brussels University in 2018. Yannick has designed over 100 circuit boards, including mixed signal systems, power electronics, digital interfaces, and specialised sensor applications. Aside from his focus on recycling technologies, he also works on nuclear technology, robotics, advanced sensors, and high energy physics, among others.

Dominique Leonard
Marketing & Growth Manager

After receiving her MBA, Dominique has spent the past 10 years immersed in digital marketing and operations at multiple NYC-based startups. With a data driven approach, intuitive organizational skills, and strong attention to detail, “Doe” thrives working on the edge of innovation. Most recently she was COO & Head of Marketing at an Ecommerce website, spearheading it's growth by over 400% in the time she was there.

More than anything, Doe is passionate about solving humanities problems & consistently innovating to make the world a better place. And Lasso is doing that - taking the broken recycling system and giving humans the power to recycle the right way! She is more than excited to introduce Lasso to the masses & help make the world a greener place.

Dillon Nicholson
Fundraising Manager

Dillon is passionate about recycling, permaculture, and reducing carbon emissions. He has spent the past few years building an off-grid ranch in central Mexico using 100% recycled materials to reimagine what it means to live in harmony with nature.

He has spent the last 6 years serving as a Fundraising Manager for large-scale installations and as a Program Director for a crowdfunding platform. Dillon brings his fundraising know-how and dedication for sustainability to Lasso, where he is confident in his ability to help progress the closed-loop recycling revolution.

Robin Verbruggen
Electronics & Sensors

Ing. Robin Verbruggen might seem like a young graduate. But at the age of 23 he already started his own business, with his co-founder Yannick Verbelen. He specialises in (hardware) electronics and rapid prototyping. Robin Verbruggen graduated in 2018 with  Summa cum laude as an electrical engineer at the Vrij Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium. Besides working as a freelancer Robin works as a part-time lab manager and guest lecturer at the VUB. Where his main focus is to get students ready to design hardware on a profesional level. In his rather short career as a freelancer he already worked on multiple global designs.

Tanzania Castro
Marketing, Design Lead
Abigail Holt
Marketing Intern, Content & Copywriting

Abigail is a writer with a deep passion for the environment and sustainability. Currently working towards her psychology degree, she is dedicated to making the world around her a better place.

She has previously worked as the Content and Communications Intern at Startup Grind and has since developed a love of content and copywriting.  As an artist and avid reader, she has harnessed her skills to contribute towards Lasso's success and cannot wait to see where this innovative technology will go in the future.

Eliza Giles
Marketing Intern, Copywriting
Denis Ryabtsun
Business Development & Policy Analyst
Atai Esentur
Research Analyst
Madison Culberson
Finance & Human Resource Manager
Rod Dix
Engineering & Technical

Rod Dix is a professional and experienced engineer with a broad range of skills in electro-mechanical engineering that covers all forms of manufacturing from metals to plastics/composites and rubbers. Rod is very focussed in his work and enjoys understanding the initial project and then turning design concepts into cost efficient solutions for clients by means of innovative design. Rod sets himself very high standards of integrity and organisation and is equally at home working as part of a team or leading the team as a project manager.

Henry De Rooy
Engineering & Technical

Henry joined the Lasso prototype development team based in Orange NSW in December 2019 bringing 30 years experience in White goods manufacturing to the team. Henry commenced work in 1985 at Email Major Appliances (Electrolux Major Appliances) on the factory production line. After completing certificate courses in Mechanical and Industrial technology began working his way up through various departments as both an Export Engineer and Technical Service Officer before working in R&D Engineering/Project Management roles developing domestic and imported white goods for the Australian market. When not developing the Lasso prototype Henry has a keen interest in photography, photo restoration and videography.

Neil Scott

Neil has worked with and been a partner in leading Sydney law firms, a principal in a trans-Tasman corporate advisory and investment banking firm, and is now principal of his own legal practice.

Neil is a past President of the Australia-New Zealand Business Council.

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