Economic sustainability

Lasso captures the value of your used packaging to create a self-sustaining model for recycling.

Value right in front of you

Today, 95% of plastic packaging material value is destroyed after its first use, resulting in an estimated USD 80–120 billion loss to the economy every year.

Just 2% of packaging is recycled into a material of the same quality, and 38% of packaging leaks into the environment.

There has to be a better way.

Purity delivers value

Recycled used-materials are very valuable and highly sought-after in their pure form. Pure PET plastic (one of the most widely used plastics in food and beverage packaging) is worth between 3 and 10 times the value of contaminated PET plastic currently produced by Material Recovery Facilities (or MRFs) in our existing recycling systems.

Most recycling in our current systems is contaminated with other materials, making it expensive and difficult to separate. These systemic flaws are responsible for what’s been referred to as “the global recycling crisis”, where countries that are integral to the global recycling trade, such as China, have stopped accepting contaminated recycling.

Flipping the problem into a world of opportunity

Lasso’s home recycling solution is designed to eliminate contamination. The system delivers purity right from the start, ensuring that your valuable used packaging materials can be remade into new products of the same quality.

In addition to convenience benefits, Lasso provides added incentive to recycle by crediting customers with bottle deposit returns and a cash value for their products.

By delivering purity from the outset, Lasso bypasses the need for expensive, complicated and inefficient sorting and treatment processes that make current recycling systems unviable. The Lasso model maximises the value of used-materials and creates a recycling system that is financially and environmentally self-sustaining.

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